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About Christa Beasley

I am the owner and operator of Ladies First Firearm Training. I became actively involved in the shooting sports in 2011. After taking my first Basic Pistol Course, I felt so empowered and so much more comfortable with the rules of firearm safety. I want that same feeling for all of my students! Within a month, I'd bought my first handgun, a Sig Sauer 1911.  That purchase sent me down the slippery slope to many more firearms.  Since that time, I have become an NRA-certified Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, USCCA Certified Instructor, and the facilitator for the Puyallup, Washington chapter of A Girl and A Gun.

I am so excited to work with wonderful, like-minded women to teach the basics of owning and safely operating a firearm.  My greatest enjoyment in this business is to see the confidence and skills of my students inspire others to want to achieve more, do more!

I work full-time as a paralegal for a local law firm. In my off-time, I love competitive shooting, RVing around the state during the summer months, reading, binge watching Netflix, and hanging out with my husband, Steve; our teenage son, Isaac; and our favorite pupster, a Corgi named Levi.

About Shannon Cave

With my husband an avid firearms collector, I was nervous and unsure about the guns in the house. I decided to take a basic pistol training class to get over my fear, and I knew I would be more comfortable in a women-only class. Little did I know that I’d find shooting a pleasurable and confidence-building sport!    

Nearly 2 years later, I took the plunge and became a certified instructor. I love giving back to other women, helping them get over their uncertainties, and proving that there’s no stereotypical woman who loves shooting. It’s rewarding to watch someone’s confidence grow because they’ve learned a new skill!

In my personal life, I love shooting with other ladies who belong to A Girl & A Gun. I’m an operations manager for the healthcare division of a large communications company. I’m married with two adult children, and I love reading; crafting; learning new computer skills; and hanging out with my pit bull, Scarlett.    

About Kris Duncan


In 2014, I found an advertisement for a ladies shooting class at a local store. I took a picture of the ad but didn't call for 4-5 months. I took my first Basic Pistol class that October. I LOVED SHOOTING THOSE PISTOLS BUT I WAS SCARED OF THE BIG ONES. No one in my family (including my husband) shoots guns and I enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women. I can definitely remember being a “new shooter.” I had so many questions about everything to do with guns & finally had people I could ask!

Today, I am a member of two local shooting ranges and a member of the Puyallup, WA chapter of A Girl & A Gun.

Since 2015, I have assisted with two different Ladies Pistol Class organizations, originally doing paperwork and administration followed by assisting with instruction. I learned I really like to watch other women become comfortable with shooting pistols. Their excitement and pride in gaining shooting skills makes me ecstatic and I’m happy to be a part of their progress. In early 2017, I also earned my NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certificate. I then continued on and became a USCCA Certified Instructor in 2018.

Other than shooting, I enjoy traveling, going on cruises to warm places, getting together with family & friends, and working in my yard & garden. I have hosted European high school exchange students since 2008. In 2016, I started a community scholarship fund for high school graduates and remodeled our little log cabin to rent on  

About Barbara Hunter

Having a husband who was concerned with personal protection and a desire to conceal carry started me on this adventure into firearms.

My first step was reading and understanding the responsibilities that come with using a firearm in a self-defense situation. The second was taking a Basic Firearm class to learn how to properly handle, shoot, and store my gun.  Once trained in the basics, I ventured into shooting on a Bullseye league to become more proficient.  Benefiting from the years of experienced shooters and encouragement, I decided to become an NRA certified instructor to pass on and share with new shooters the beginning steps of basic pistol. I love love love watching the transformation and confidence the ensues from taking these first steps.

I am employed by the United States Postal Service and have been married for nearing 40 years to my best friend, Greg, who shares my love of firearms and reloading.  

About Patty Schibig

In August of 2013, I was the gal who hid in the RV while everyone else was out shooting. My boyfriend “coaxed” me to come out and give firearms a try. Scared, reluctant, and shaking, I shot 6 for 6 on a steel target with a single action revolver. The rest is history.

A Glock girl at heart, I have since become an NRA certified pistol instructor; a member of the Puyallup, WA chapter of A Girl & A Gun; and I compete in USPSA when time allows.

I truly love helping other women become well informed, confident shooters. There is nothing more rewarding than watching all that can be achieved once fear is removed.

I work full time in the lending industry as a home mortgage assistant. I also enjoy grand adventures, writing, and spending time with my family and the amazing group of ladies I have met through firearms.

I look forward to seeing you on the range.