Christa was so nice, made me feel relaxed and confident. I can now go to the shooting range by myself and feel good about what I am doing... Thank you again for the instruction and guidance. You’re awesome. I have recommended you to several clients and I will keep recommending you. The best hand gun instructor I could have ever asked for.
— Jenny Rae
Great class!! Learned sooo much!
— Susan Bishop
Eatonville guns firearms handguns Puyallup
Before this class, I was quite uncomfortable with handguns. . . . After this class, I feel so much better about the fundamentals of any gun. This has been awesome!
— Brittany
Upper Nisqually Tacoma Puyallup guns pistols
2016-10-09 11.48.33.jpg
ladies shooting targets tacoma puyallup south sound
I had never touched a handgun, let alone know how to shoot one. This class will not only teach you the basics of handguns, but you will ALWAYS feel safe while learning to shoot. Love this gal and you will love her too. I have taken other classes since, but nothing like this class. I now have opportunities to shoot with her in events and she continues to still teach me and those around her.
— Beverly H.
Sportsman's Warehouse, Tacoma, Puyallup
Learned a lot from start to end. Gave great review of parts and functions of guns. Good to have time handling and trying of items.
— Anonymous
Upper Nisqually Sportsman's Club
Awesome class with incredible instructors! After the class, I felt a lot more confident and any fear I had of guns is now gone. I learned how to better my grip on the gun and use my sights correctly. All in all, I feel like a more responsible gun owner. It was a great class and the money was well spent. Thanks so much!
— Penni A.
Sportsman's Warehouse Puyallup ladies women training classes
At the beginning, I was nervous, but excited, and by the end, I was very excited to start practicing on my own time. Instructors were very patient, answered every question, helpful, and encouraging. I liked the combination of instruction and hands-on-learning. It was helpful to have multiple instructors for more one-on-one assistance. Would definitely recommend this course to my friends!
— Taylor R.
I wanted to thank you all for your great training. I was nervous in the beginning, but you cured that. I’m ready! Had so much fun at the shooting range. Thank you so much, Christa, for your great one-on-one shooting instructions. I will remember all your personal critiques. Very, very helpful. I feel more confident with my gun now. Awesome!!!
— Alexis Z.
Christa Beasley
Tacoma Puyallup ladies women gun firearm pistol class
I’m a newbie gun owner with no experience, so when I saw this class being offered as I walked out of the Sportsman’s Warehouse, I took a picture and went online and signed up for the first class offered. It had only one opening, so I took it. Told me it was very popular. The 5 1/2 hour course starts with a well-done Powerpoint with notes to follow by, with questions being taken as they came. After lunch, we broke into three groups with a section in laser target shooting both standing and benchrest positions, then handled several revolvers, and last we had over ten semi-automatics that we had to rack and remove magazines.

I found that Christa, the owner and instructor, and her trained assistants were all well-knowledgeable and made it a fun experience. I look forward to our ladies at the range experience to see how I do with what I learned (and it was a lot!), see what I retained and to take my training further.

Thank you, ladies.

I recommend this class to all new gun owners and to future ones, even if only to refresh your skills.
— Ineke V.
2017 March 1, Ladies First Firearm Training-4959.jpg
This was an excellent introduction to all aspects of firearms training. I had some experience shooting, but now I feel like I know how guns work . . . and more aiming and grip techniques than I did before. This is a great group of instructors who just want you to be safe while you have fun!
— Crystal B.