Whether you're interested in recreational shooting, competition, hunting, gun collecting, historical reenactment, home safety, or personal protection—the basics are the perfect place to start! Our Basic Firearm Training Class teaches you safety principles and helps you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to successfully pursue your shooting interests.

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The Basic Pistol Course provides hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe firearm handling

  • Firearm parts and operation

  • Ammunition and its function

  • Shooting fundamentals (including an opportunity to develop them on the range)

  • Follow through

  • Proper Stance, Grip, and breathing while shooting

  • Trigger control and sighting methods

  • How to identify problem areas, difficulties, and bad habits that limit your shooting ability

We offer a stress-free learning environment for women ages 21 and older (14 years if accompanied by an adult) to learn with our NRA-certified instructors who have a passion for teaching. Classes are conducted over two days—one day in the classroom and one day on the range, learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols safely and responsibly.


How Much Does it Cost?

The class is $199 per person. 

What is Included?

The following is included in your tuition payment:

  • Two days of hands-on firearm training

  • $25 Sportsman's Warehouse gift card

  • Approx. 50 rounds of ammunition, including .22, .380, and 9mm calibers

  • Use of instructor handguns

  • Use of safety glasses and electronic ear protection

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Peace of mind, confidence, and a healthy respect for firearms

Where Do Classes Take Place?

Classroom: Sportsman's Warehouse
                   120 31st Ave. SE, Suite G
                   Puyallup, WA

Range:        Upper Nisqually Sportsman's Club
                   39919 129th Ave. E.
                   Eatonville, WA


Full payment of $199 is required in advance to reserve space. Ready to sign up? Let’s go!

Registrants will receive a "welcome" letter containing important information via e-mail approximately one week prior to class.

Christa Beasley instructor NRA

Can I bring my own pistol?

Absolutely! We ask that you bring your pistol on the second day ONLY, properly boxed and unloaded. Bring 25 to 50 rounds of your own ammunition in the proper caliber for your pistol. Students generally have a chance to shoot their own pistols toward the end of class.

What should I expect on the first day of class?

The first day is spent in the classroom at Sportsman's Warehouse. When you arrive at the store, follow the signs to the classroom location. We'll meet around 10am. Generally we start with introductions before diving right in. The lesson portion consists of a Powerpoint presentation with plenty of discussion, hands-on activities, videos, and more. We typically break for lunch at about noon.

After lunch, we jump back in. Activities may vary, but typically include loading and unloading magazines, handling both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, SIRT (laser) pistol target practice, and practicing both standing and benchrest positions. Expect to spend most of the day sitting, but we do try to get you up and out of your seats as often as possible, as well as stop for several short breaks throughout the day.

We finish off the class with questions and answers, an exam where everyone gets 100%. Class ends around 4pm.

gun safety training basic pistol course

What should we expect on the second day of class?

Range day is when things get exciting! When you arrive, wait outside the gate for Christa to lead you inside. Here you'll get ear and eye protection, go over range rules, review the basic fundamentals that you learned the previous day, and learn which instructor you'll be working with for the day. Then we'll start you off with a .22 caliber handgun! You'll gradually move up to both a .380 and a 9mm. If you've brought your own pistol, you'll be able to practice with it toward the end of class. When the class is done, you'll get to take photos with your targets and receive your certificate of completion. The range is outdoor only, but our space is covered. Please dress for the weather. We shoot rain or shine!